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Brief Description of the Enterprise

The Agri-base enterprise shall operationalize its muscovado that able to serve its active sugarcane farmer-members and become a major role-player. Almost, local muscovado sugar industry for the cluster seems like about 400 kilos of a process and sediment-free muscovado. Rather, derived from organically grown sugarcane-extract juice shall be pack in clean sacks of 50 kilos each and sold to institutional buyers in Davao City.

In conclusion, it able to pursue the vision start the propose Agri-enterprise, Koop-Kiblawan will have to be provided with start-up funding, amounting to P2,134,100.00 Million. Furthermore, P1,568,000.00 Million worth of processing facility is expected as grant, while P250,000.00 shall be loaned for acquisition of a hauling facility.

Brief Profile of the Entrepreneur(s)

The ‘KOOPERATIBA NG KIBLAWAN’ an ARBO has become one of the biggest and successful people’s organizations assisting by DAR-Davao del Sur Provincial Office. December 2016, has a total member of 2,343; with total assets of P90.5 Million, and a total capital build-up of P26.7 Million. Consequently, the total loan releases as of August 2016, is P46.8 Million that supports income-generating projects that includes. Bakeries (2 outlets), lending (9 types of services), savings(3 types), insurance, mortuary aid, ATM services, land lease, and scholarship program. In addition, an Agri-base production that includes sugarcane, banana, oil palm, and coffee are also regularly supporting.

Enterprise’s Contribution to the Community

  1. While the local muscovado will gain leverage in setting a competitive price and improved quality for local produce “healthy sugar”.
  2. First of all, marginalize sugarcane farmers have an improved and stabilized income brought about by an improved and competitive price of the locally produce muscovado.
  3. Finally, there shall be the creation of employment for adult 7 farmer-households every day.

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