About Us

About Us – Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative

They are about first Fifteen (15) cooperators who initiated to manage the Cooperative and by putting up P1,007.00 as initials capitals. We have developed through the years with its Two Thousand and Five Hundred Forty (2,540) regular members abstract essay of the organization. There also another member of the group the 3,285 associate members as of May 2017 and total asset of P118,433,575.57. The office provides a facility and venue to the members/owners in the community to help one another to uplift poverty. Practice paper writer value of serving another, particularly poor and helpless by giving them assistance in form of loan with low interest.

Kiblawan Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar

The Valeriano’s Muscovado sugar dedicated to caretaking the health of costumers with precise and methodical service in processing the product. Management is as efficient in producing with your desired muscovado sugar by setting standards following with Food and drugs administration. And putting the knowledgeable person to do the production process and your expenditures as we are with our own too. Kiblawan MPC is not only focusing on the production of Muscovado Sugar but also, we engaged lending and savings services. Coop help addressing the needs of the people in the community by providing and helping them in terms of financial. In terms of savings, we have offered special savings mobilization program especially to the high school student in the community.

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