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Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar

Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative of Poblacion Kiblawan, Davao del Sur have Valeriano’s Muscovado dissertation help writing Sugar product that has the three (3) types.

Valeriano’s Muscovado essay writer Sugar cooked with absolute minimum physical processing to lock-in the natural sugar cane molasses in the final product. Furthermore, Muscovado Sugar is a fine, soft, brown, and crystalized sticky sugar that retains the natural molasses that is healthy. Taste the difference of our Muscovado Sugar that made from healthier raw materials and less processed than regular brown sugar. The Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar produced by the cooperative with the primary objective which is to produce a quality product. It is also a healthier product to answer the needs of the consumers and to extend help to the farmer/members. The raw sugar cane will be sold at high price to uplift the living of the farmer and members of the cooperative.

The Products

The Fine Muscovado Sugar is done in the thorough process which all personnel engages the production must follow the standard procedure. Provided by the manual procedures of the Cooperative and at the same time guidelines of the organization from the government. The process of producing Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar in the Cooperative hired “maestro”, good and skillful in cooking the muscovado sugar. Squeezing the raw sugarcane to produce a juice the Cooperative doesn’t use any more traditional way to upgrade the operation.

The Natural Muscovado Sugar also done by thorough process in which all personnel engages the production must be good and skillful. The process is simple, but the Cooperative ensure it will produce Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar by efficient manner and best quality. This different from Fine Muscovado Sugar because does not need to undergo stainless small mesh sifter screens. This is mix of Fine Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar and Rocks Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar in the same Cooperative. The cooperative Natural Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar is the best substitute sweetener for coffee and native delicacy products.

The Rocks Muscovado Sugar is a small circle that looks like marble in size and residue from sifting. Valeriano’s Rocks Muscovado Sugar is also unrefined sugar with strong molasses flavor that is good for the health of everyone. It doesn’t undergo purification and centrifugation thus it appears dark brown coarser and stickier. This is also an important ingredient for native delicious, beverage, jams, and root crop delights. It is also an essential ingredient in making chocolate and it caters to the growing demand in our community.


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