Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative – Delivery Page

Transportation nowadays plays important role for any businesses especially use to collect and deliver products to its different valued consumers. Transportation is very essential element for the cooperative especially in production and distribution of our product the Valeriano’sMuscovado Sugar. Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative received a grant coming from the agency of the government which is the Department of Agriculture. The agency grants a Hino hauling truck for the purpose of delivery in terms of bulk or large volume order.

If you want to buy large volume of our product which is the Valeriano’sMuscovado sugar and your worry about the delivery. The company assigns particular person working in the organization to cater and to serve all the customers, especially on delivery. Recently we practice free delivery in the nearby community of where the buyers from and buy in bulk Muscovado sugar.

In terms of delivery, the company commits itself to deliver efficiently to the customers on the agreed place and time. For those clients coming from different far places and will buy large volume of Valeriano’sMuscovado Sugar in our office.  Depending on the agreement cost between customers and the company and we promised that will provide you a better delivery.

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