Media Mention

Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative – Media Mention

Media mention in the recent years has become a major part of businesses the easiest place the customers can access. Through social media, it helps the business to grow and reaches its existing and coming clients without seeing them personally. This is where the company will find a leading buyer and one way of building a strong relationship between customers.

In addition, the cooperative as of today has its existing social media account which is the Facebook and the Yahoo account. This is another way of communicating and serving our customers, clients and those will become clients in the near future.

You can also send us message if you want to order Valeriano’sMuscovado Sugar using our two social media account. If ever you have any quires, feedback, comments about our product you can send directly a message to the office.

Those clients that who taste our product and cannot talk to the management they can use these social media account. And in case of any clarification about our product theValeriano’sMuscovado Sugar you can easily visit on our account. We can rest assure that 24/7 our staff will monitor our social media accounts to response all the client’s quires.

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