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Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative – Meet-Up

For the past few years, the trends meet-up became an organizing tool for a variety of interest of people. This is a kind of virtual community of which individuals who interact through specific area sometimes via social media accounts. The company at the present did not really applying or practicing this kind of marketing which style is meeting up. But then, step by step the cooperative started to follow the new trends to catch more customers with widening market.

As to the convenience of different customers or consumer of Valeriano’sMuscovado sugar we really tried this kind of marketing. The staff of Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative desired to address all buyers and consumers of our product which is the muscovado. Since the company has no any retailer store outside of Kiblawan municipality but we want to cater all of you.

Through this so-called meeting up, the company surely address your individual needs of our product the Valeriano’sMuscovado Sugar. So you have to worry if you to reach or taste the muscovado sugar, we promise to give you satisfaction. Take a try now! The Valeriano’sMuscovado Sugar is best for you if you value your health and live longer.

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