Process Flow

Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative – Process Flow

In cooking Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar, the first step is receiving of sugarcane, a quality of receiving raw materials and ingredients. The primary ingredients are as follows: sugar cane, coconut oil, and lime powder are evaluate based on their specifications follow. Next is washing the sugar cane and it was washed with potable water thoroughly prior the extraction process of juice. Wash sugar canes are then draining into the clean stainless tub aside and dried prior feeding to the extractor machine. Extracting of cane juice, wash and dry the sugar cane and fed into the extractor machine via clean stainless steel tub.

While cooking of cane juice, cane juice is a cook in a huge vat; add the ingredient with the juice prior cooking. The juice is a cook for one hour and then molasses are removing and continuous stirring of mixture done until dry. The cooking process of the muscovado sugar usually takes four to five hours depending on the heat of the fire.

The next step is cooling; dried cane juice is transfer in a stainless tub and continuously stirred until it is cooled. The next procedure is by sieving to separate the finer texture muscovado sugar and the granulated sugar ready for a pack. The last step is packing in different packing size either by Bulk pack muscovado (fifty kilos per bag or sack).

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