Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar

Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar cooked with absolute minimum physical processing to lock-in the natural sugar cane molasses in the final product. Furthermore, Muscovado Sugar is a fine, soft, brown, and crystalized sticky sugar that retains the natural molasses that is healthy. Taste the difference of our Muscovado Sugar that made from healthier raw materials and less processed than regular brown sugar. In addition, the Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar produced by the cooperative with the primary objective which is to produce a quality product. It is also a healthier product to answer the needs of the consumers and to extend help to the farmer/members. The raw sugar cane will be sold at high price to uplift the living of the farmer/members of the cooperative.

In the process of cooking the Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar, ensures that every step follows the production procedure during the processing. Provided from the manual of the cooperative to produce a Muscovado Sugar efficiently at the same time with the best quality. This Sugar is a healthier substitutes sweetener from refined sugar and this is excellent for cooking, baking, and for coffee.

The cooperative has undergone and required different tests like shelf life testing, and another test required by the FDA LTO. To rest assure that the valued customers are in the safe hands when they taste the healthier Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar. What we value most is our customers and to give them satisfaction ones they taste the product of the Cooperative.

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    Fine Muscovado Sugar

    Nutrition Facts and Specification of Fine Muscovado Sugar

    • Best for use when cooking and baking that gives a nice aroma to the customers.
    • Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar is single but in our cooperative, we hired “maestro” who is skillful in cooking muscovado sugar.
    • In squeezing the raw sugarcane to produce a juice the cooperative doesn’t use anymore the traditional way to upgrade the operation.
    • The cooperative classified these as fine Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar because after cooking and cooling.
    • The Muscovado Sugar undergoes sifting through stainless small mesh screens to separate the Rocks Muscovado Sugar from Fine Muscovado Sugar.
  • Natural Muscovado Image
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    Natural Muscovado Sugar


    Nutrition Facts and Specification of Natural Muscovado Sugar

    • The Natural Muscovado Sugar does not need to undergo stainless small mesh sifter screens.
    • This is a mixed Fine Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar and Rocks Valeriano’s Muscovado Sugar.
    • The best substitute sweetener for coffee and native delicacy products.
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    Rocks Muscovado Sugar

    Nutrition Facts and Specification of Rocks Muscovado Sugar

    • The Rocks Muscovado Sugar is also unrefined sugar with strong molasses flavor.
    • Small circle that looks like marble in size and residue from sifting.
    • Cheaper than Fine Muscovado and Natural Muscovado, in terms of price.
    • The important ingredient for native delicious, beverage, jams, and root crop delights.

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