Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative – Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives


We belong to the Kiblawan Multipurpose Cooperative which consists of various social groups that have experienced the difficult situation, reflect on the general human dignity, philosophy guided us Principles of cooperation, with the help and assistance of the greater power, as much as the possessed and united, most of all the peace that has come from justice.


Furthermore, our free self-esteem in Reliance and Affordability is ready:

  • Focusing and Discipline (Inspiration)
  • Strengthening the environment
  • Control of domain and
  • In addition, the compassion of other institutions or activities that have a consistent sense of vision and perspective.


  1. Provide a loan to the beneficiary so the owner for assistance and employment (Finance Section)
  2. Promotion and action for the development of farms, farming, and distribution of farming and household needs; and other tasks that will make it possible for a young person, and that’s what the salesperson (Marketing, Consumers, and Bakery Section)
  3. Finally, make an announcement and research for the development of a cooperative;


  1. Increase the capability and power of buying the property.
  2. Collect property by owner by stimulating savings (savings) and maximizing effort to facilitate capital development for development.
  3. Due to serving the stakeholders ‘needs, farms and other stakeholders’ needs.
  4. As a result to continue operating the co-operative, co-directive, committees, employees/co-workers with the general public on the basis of cooperative and cooperative democracy.
  5. Introducing other cooperative activities, from local and municipal to national.
  6. Most of all, the promotion of cooperative activities throughout the Philippines; And make other essentials to work on-the civic business.

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